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Available Grants

Below are the categories we currently have as well as a preview of the most recently added grants to our database.


A. Small/Minority Business, Enterprises, & Entrepreneurs View Grants
B. Food/Agriculture/Farming, Livestock, Organic Gardening, Aquaponics View Grants
C. Animals, Pets, Birds and Wildlife View Grants
D. Arts, Culture, Humanities View Grants
E. Children, Youth, Out of School Youth and Families View Grants
F. Criminal Justice, Incarcerated, Re-entry, & Civil Rights View Grants
G. Economic and Community Development View Grants
H. Education (Early childhood -Post-Sec.) & Research View Grants
I. Emergency (Fire, Police, Ambulance) Public Safety, Homeland Sec. View Grants
J. Employment/Labor, Workforce Ed., Apprenticeships, Labor Market View Grants
K. Environment (Ocean, Rivers, Streams, Air, Land) and Green Careers View Grants
L. Parks, Recreation, Leisure Activities, Physical Fitness View Grants
M. Government Affairs and International Programming View Grants
N. Healthcare- Preventative, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Nutrition, Etc. View Grants
O. Religious Programs and Spirituality View Grants
P. Social Services/Special Pops (Women/Girls,Vets, Disabled, Aged, LGBTQ+, Etc.) View Grants